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Li Li’s dim sum buffet at Hyatt Manila DSS 1

on October 27, 2012

Jumping straight to the good stuff, Stir-Fried Vegetables in Garlic

veggies veggies veggies

A dish so good it should come with a warning label, we know

  • this dish ain’t a looker and most people aren’t looking at their basic food groups when eating in a buffet but …… this dish has character . Imagine… Crisp uniformed strips of cabbage masterfully stir-fried to retain their texture, lightly seasoned and cooked off with a superior stock ( or broth cubes but hey it’s there secret) which brings out its natural sweetness. This dish is simple, tasty and will keep you ordering for more , just like all the other items at Li Li’s menu.

    Li Li’s dim sum lunch buffet starts of with a friendly wait staff handing you a check list menu , you fill in the boxes with the dimsums you want to try. It’s a pretty long list and everything is usually freshly steamed so better order up just for good measure. Average serving time is about 5-20 minutes .

    Complimentary peanuts and picked vegetables are included, we call these fillers .

    First to arrive were the Har Gaw , Shrimp with bamboo shoot and Dumplings with Bamboo Pith ,Carrots and Celery , they went down really fast.

    See below; Har Gaw aka. Ha Kaw thats a whole shrimp in there…. Yumm

    Next stop… Xiao Long Bao , pockets of seasoned ground up pork which produces soup when steamed… you might want to suck up on that soup before you dig in. Make sure not to burn yourself.

    Fungus and Vegetable Congee and Chicken in Fa Du Wine Sauce

    Deep fried taro dumplings with assorted seafood

    Ozzing goodness inside

    Steamed spare ribs with red dates

    Sio Mai , Steamed chicken fee in abalone sauce , deep fried bicho-bicho with shrimp in wasabi-mayonnaise sauce and radish cake all a must try so dig in .

    What half a Sio Mai looks like.

    And my partners favorite… White Chocolate Mochi , one of a kind , imagine soft munchi mochi (rice balls) stuffed with white chocolate and covered with nuts . Delicious !

    Not your everyday almond cocktail ,

    Baked barbecue pastry puff, sweet and savory chinese BBQ stuffed in a crisp filo-pastry crust brushed off with a sweet glaze and sesame seeds. Like we said earlier , order up , these delicious babies came extremely late .

    Like all good things in life, everything comes to a sharp end . We spent close to 900 php per head but it was all well spent, for the food , service and ambiance we definitely got quite a bang for our buck.

    Li Li’s offers Sunday bunch with the inclusion of guava iced tea and more dishes , cost a little bit more than your Monday – Saturday menu but we think it’s a good buy . Recently deal grocer was offering this buffet for around 995php which is a possible steal net of taxes and all.

    They have a pretty extensive selection of tea and the staff are well-trained in brewing Chinese-style tea service.

    there are various function rooms in the restaurant, we suggest you try ” the library” . Sorry we don’t have a photo but if you have a 15 person guest list this room is perfect for you..

    Yah my partner , the cutest thing in the world decided to prop up so we decided to include the stuff she brought along.

    And the verdict, we think that this is still one of the best dim sum houses in the country , pretty big words but being there says it all , tasting the food is enough and the staff well trained.

    Getting there

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