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Hotdog-ing it

on October 6, 2012

Hotdog-ing it ! Are all red hot dogs created equal ?

We grew up on processed and deli meats and one of our staples is the ” hotdog”. The one I’m used to is a 5-6 inch red colored piece of mystery meat resembling a thick piece of chalk which is pan fried to a crisp exterior not ppetizing right ?  But once you bite into it, the sweet juices flow.. hitting you with a burst of flavor. It was our go to lunch as well as our favorite afternoon snack. For us a good ready-to-eat hotdog is one that is semi-crisp outside and juicy inside .

Nowadays there are a lot of choices for us to choose from. There’s cheese , tuna, classic juicy , chicken and even Angus beef?!


We decided to reminisce our childhood and naturally found our way to the supermarket , looking around we saw that these 15php single stick shops started to sprout in kiosks and decided to see which ones better!


the new contender

the fire starter , this bright red kiosk sells boiled hotdog on a stick which are less oily and strangely juicier , we actually felt “meat” in this one. We also feel that this hotdog seems longer than the others( we didn’t have a ruler at the time so we go thru the other sticks and compared them )


Tender juicy kiosk , this was our champ , the go to snack food during the 90s and with a tag line “kid’s can tell” what can go wrong ?


the champ

Their hotdogs are cooked pan fried aiming for that crisp exterior . We find that this is now a bit too oily for us big kids.  Meat feels a bit mushy and strangely smaller .



the middle weight

Tocino to hot dogs ? CDO has been known for their cured meats and i think its a big venture for them to go into more kid-friendly items .


The hotdogs are steamed then pan fried and seem to have less oil than the other stalls. Their hotdogs seemed juicier and have that crisp exterior we like. Texture wise the hotdog seems tougher and actually feels like it’s made of meat. 

So can kids really tell ? For us big kids I’d say we are more of the Virginian going kid , where meats are bigger , tastier and cooked in a healthier way (hopefully).

Again it’s just our opinion , feel free to try for yourself ?

One response to “Hotdog-ing it

  1. blinkpack says:

    Josh here from the BlinkPack blog. Love, love, LOVE me some hotdogs. Thanks for the great post. I wish you all the best with your blogging. Cheers!

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